0.16ltr Inox Pro shock arrestor vessel (No Tee)

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The inta minim shock arrestor kit is specifically designed to combat the problem of the expansion of water in the cold supply pipe in combi boiler installations that are fitted in close proximity to a water meter.

It is a widely acknowledged problem within the heating industry that in some installations where a water meter has been installed close to the boiler there have been reported instances of property damage and leaks caused from water expansion between the outlet of the water meter and the boiler.

The cause of this problem is due to the non return valves normally installed along with water meters not allowing for the expansion of water that would normally be taken up by longer pipe runs.

Inta have worked closely with the industry to develop the inta minim shock arrestor kit which provides a simple, in line solution to relieve problems associated with excess pressure by absorbing any potential increase in pressure within the pipework which helps prevent potentially costly leaks and repairs.  * Absorbs expansion between the water meter and boiler * Protects system components from excess pressure * Reduces the risk of property damage and leaks * Suitable for both new and retro fit installations * Available in both 15mm and 22mm * WRAS approved * Maximum working pressure – 15 Bar * Factory pre-charge 3.5 Bar * 2 year warranty