ESI Electronic dual cylinder thermostat with adjustable boost

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The ESi Controls electronic dual cylinder thermostat is a revolutionary new energy saving product, developed exclusively by ESi Controls and designed for greater accuracy, more effective operation and a real homeowner safety benefit.


The greatest energy and safety benefit of the ESCTDEB is the weekly one hour ‘boost’ to over 61°C, disinfecting the cylinder, killing any legionnaire disease, allowing a lower storage water temperature and satisfying a number of legal and building requirements.


The hot water can be stored at any desired temperature between 25°C and 65°C, with the confidence that the weekly automatic one hour ‘boost’ to above 61°C kills any legionella bacteria, resulting in substantial energy saving. The duration of the legionella override can be adjusted from 1 to 7 days or completely disabled to operate as a conventional dual cylinder thermostat.


The LCD display shows the current water temperature and the user defined water temperature, whilst the red LED indicates that the unit is calling for heat. The sensitive electronic sensors operate at a far greater accuracy than conventional oil filled mechanical thermostats, and do not need physical contact unlike traditional dual cylinder thermostats.


The large dial makes it easy to set the required controller temperature (between 25°C and 65°C), whilst the second (limit) thermostat is pre-set to 80°C with a concealed manual reset, to comply with building regulations.

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