FlushKIMG Complete Repair Pack 2 - Top Flush - Adj Bottom Fill

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FlushKINGs complete cistern repair pack 2 is ideal for repairing or refurbishing a toilet cistern with a top flush cistern cover or inside a furniture unit where the push button is on the counter top. The fill valve included in thepack is adjustable in height allowing versatile installation, whilst the dual flush valve allows for full or half flush. The pack contains:

1 x FK-BE2 bottom entry adjustable fill valve (1/2")

1 x FK-DF-TP dual flush top press flush valve (1.1/2")

1 x FK-K cistern re-fixing kit

5 year manufacturers warranty

Flush Valve Dimensions -

Flush Valve Height : 193mm

Internal Overflow Height: 230mm

Width (including internal overflow): 125mm

Depth: 80mm

1.1/2" British standard threaded outlet

Button Flange Width: 50mm

Width Of The Underside Of The Button: 40mm

Push button rods are 110mm long as standard but can be cut to match cistern height

The internal measurement from the bottom of the cistern to the top of the cistern lid/ countertop needs to be - 333mm MAX or 258mm MIN.

In applications where the 110mm long standard push button rods with the top press flush valve are not going to be long enough then we would recommend the Flexi Mount Flush Valves

Fill Valve

minimum  operating pressure - 0.2bar

maximum operating pressure - 5.5bar