Imperial Nitrile O'Ring Kit (382 pieces)

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382-piece imperial nitrile rings resist heat, most petroleum and silicone fluids, hydraulic and non-aromatic fuels and solvents. Supplied in a PVC case and contains 30 different sizes.

  • 20 pieces each (1.78 w.): 2.9mm, 3.68mm, 4.47mm, 5.29mm, 6.07mm, 7.65mm, 9.25mm
  • 13 pieces each (2.62 w.): 9.19mm, 10.77mm, 12.37mm, 13.94mm, 15.54mm, 17.12mm, 18.72mm
  • 10 pieces each (3.53 w.): 18.64mm, 20.22mm, 21.82mm, 23.39mm, 24.99mm, 26.57mm, 28.17mm, 29.74mm, 31.34mm, 32.92mm, 34.52mm, 36.09mm, 37.69mm
  • 7 pieces each (5.33 w.): 37.47mm, 40.64mm, 43.82mm